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Planning the Design of Your Deck


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Your Deck Adding Value to Your House

Any time you can make your home look good it will help sell your house for more money.

Buyers are looking for value. The deck will also actually add square footage to your house.  A beautiful areas to sit and entertain guests becomes another room in the house, except this one is in the fresh air under the sun or stars.

If your deck on the low end cost $10,000,  you can expect to recover your money and then a premium .

It removes work required in the back yard thus removing landscape maintenance costs.

Wood and Hardware Materials

Cedar and pressure treated wood are the two most popular wood being used in Ontario at this time.


Deck Framing

A well built frame is the beginning of a good long lasting deck. Ends of all newly cut boards are end coated with special wood preservative.


All Important Attachment of Ledger Board

You want to make sure this is attached properly

Insurance Issues Covering Decks

I have read that homeowners do not understand the scope of the insurance policies that cover their homes.
Have many of us read through our whole policy before accepting it?
Your “dwelling” coverage applies to your home and “attached structures” such as a garage, carport, or attached deck.
Permanently installed outdoor property such as sheds and fences as well as a deck that is not attached to the property.

Your permanently installed outdoor equipment on your properties such as swimming pools, hot tubs may not in all cases be covered so it a deck was going to be surrounding any of these structures it would have to be determined if the deck was insured.

Some policies include a blanket amount which is an insurance policy coverage for detached private structures and attached structures.
This ‘blanket’ coverage gives policy holders the ability to allocate policy coverage for whatever is best for their replacement needs.

Workers insured on your property. Most reputable contracting companies will have company insurance to cover liability issues that may arise , they also have coverage for their workers thru the WSIB, the owner will be covered under another type of insurance policy call:…


Ongoing Annual Deck Maintenance

Removing any debris and decaying matter from any seams around the deck will allow the boards to dry our and not develop any mold or begin rotting.


Cleaning Mold and Mildew from your Deck

Mold on your deck can be dangerous because when wet is can be slippery and someone may fall. It will also contribute to the rotting of your wood.
You may want to consider power washing the deck and applying a protective stain such as Cabots.

Pressure treated well built deck base

Pressure treated well built deck base

wilburn pressure treated deck with cedar brown stain

Rebuilt deck w/ new footings & Olympic stain

A well built frame is the beginning of a good long lasting deck. Ends of all newly cut boards are end coated with special wood preservative.

Deck Repairs

A few boards changed at the same time as the power washing and staining will help continue the overall look and continued value of your deck


Cleaning, Protection and Restaining Your Presure Treated Deck

complete sanding and staining of old deck

Complete sanding, repair & staining of old deck

A complete extensive sanding of deck, replacing any boards that needed replacing and staining using Cabot wood oil stains/preservative.

Two level simple deck stained with Cabot wood oil stain/protector. Care was taken to have the stairs safe for people to walk down. At the joining of the floor boards holes were drilled so that the screws would not slit the wood.