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We have renamed our website: Mineola Yard Structures  from: My Healthy Lawn


We are happy to write this review for the wonderful work you did this summer on our old deck, the detailed sanding, staining and repairing all the damaged boards has definitely left our deck looking great. The color of the stain is a perfect match for our house. We will recommend you whenever we can.
A.J. Singh, Mineola, Oct., 15, 2016
Job Rating: ★★★★★

I am very happy with the service I have received from My Healthy Lawn. They take care of my snow removal, trimming my hedge and shrubs, fertilizing my lawn as well as taking care of the weeds. I enjoy coming out when they are done and chating with them and would recommend them.
Joan W., Baldwin Road, Oct 12, 2015
Job Rating: ★★★★★

When Brian asked me if I would write a few words about the service he provided in constructing our backyard retaining wall, it was not difficult to say yes and tell anyone thinking of working with his company that they will be happy with the results. He had the job done on schedule and left our yard clean. They seem to have covered all the steps required in making sure the new pressure treated retaining wall lasts a long time.
J. Raymond, Mineola Road, Mississauga, Sept 2015
Job Rating: ★★★★★

Would like to thank Brian from My Healthy Lawn and recommend his services for doing a great job of trimming our hedge and all our shrubs as well as doing a nice job of cleaning up all the clippings. Our nieghbour had used his services and we were familiar with his work.
Bill and Susan W., Chantenay Dr., Mississauga, July 16/15
Job Rating: ★★★★☆

Brian Lacouvee from My Healthy Lawn has been taking care of our lawn for a number of years and we are happy with his company’s service.
Sheldon H., Cumberland Drive, April 18, 2015

Job Rating: ★★★★★

We would like to recommend Brian and his Crew. They did a wonderful job of our beautiful new lawn. Thank you.
Mrs. Maria C., Atwater Ave., March 7, 2015

Job Rating: ★★★★★

I have received wonderful service from My Healthy Lawn. They take care of trimming my hedge and fertilizing my lawn. Recently they replaced my front lawn after we had a tree removed and everything looks very nice.
Sherri Kay, Blanefield Rd., Oct 20, 2014

Job Rating: ★★★★★

You do a nice job and I can count on you to take care of my lawn and shrubs. God Bless you and the boys.
Kay Coates,  Oakdale Ave.  March 23, 2012


Weedless, Green and Wanting to Refer. Brian and his team have been taking care of our lawn for the past six years. Our weeds are under control and our grass is always green! Since we have been so happy with the results we have recommended Brian to several of our neighbours and will continue to do so.
Review Posted by John S. on  Apr 4 2012


We have come to rely on your great lawn care services and advice. Have recommended you without hesitation. No complaints all round. Thank you!
Doris L.,  Strathy Ave.  March 15 2012


I’ve been using the lawn care services of Brian and his crew at My Healthy Lawn for several years now. Always professional, thorough and friendly. Recommended!
Brian A.,  Canyon St. Mississauga  March 12/12


We have appreciated having dependable lawn care from Brian and his crew over the last few years. He adjusts his activities on our behalf to suit our needs, and we can trust his judgment in regard to our lawn.
Betty Adams, Ogden Ave.  Feb.27 /12


Brian has provided us with excellent, professional service over the past two years. He performs a thorough weekly service for us. His friendly style is always welcome at our home!
Rob R.,  Locklin Trial  Mississauga ON
Job Rating: ★★★★★


Brian and his team are very professional and provide quality, timely service. His knowledge and dedication keeps our lawn looking great!
Shawn H., Broadmoor Ave  Feb 23 /12


We called My Healthy Lawn from a flyer and we were pleased with the lawn sodding job that they did for us. Lots of watering and the lawn was looking great. We were happy and will continue to use them for our lawn fertilizing and weed killing next year. Thank you Brian.
Ernie Hicks, Alexandra Ave.  Nov.18 /2011


Our neighbor told us about Brian and his company and the nice work they had done for their mother. So we called them over to take a look at our sad lawn. With in a couple of months Brian and his workers had our lawn looking much better, and then with the mild fall, the grass had a chance to grow more and it has been looking great, far better than it had in years, We look forward to Brian taking care of our lawn going forward.
Matt Page, Broadmoor Ave.   Dec 3 /2011

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