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Applying Stain and Protector to Pressure Treated Wood Decks

We have used many different kinds of  protective stains. Sometimes the customer may have a preference or a good brand ...
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Call Ontario One Before Digging in Your Yard

You may only be digging a few posts to support your deck or digging down to secure a foundation for ...
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Our website under construction image

Rebuilding our new website

We are in the process of renaming our company website to: Mineola Yard Structures from: My Healthy Lawn ...
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periwinkle ground cover

Best Care Free Ground Cover

Periwinkle is a very special hardy perennial groundcover, I have always thought it is a wonderful addition to anyone's yard ...
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lawn seed dispencer

The Timmy Shaker – Lawn Seed Dispenser

Have trouble getting your lawn seed distributed evenly over your small lawn repair job, or along the edges of your ...
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stacked bags-of-lawn-fertilizer

How Much Fertilizer Does My Lawn Need?

The answers may differ depending on who you ask. Here are some people who may have influenced your opinion up ...
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photo of rainbow on green lawn

How to Water An Established Lawn

Water is key to all things going well with your lawn. Weeds will get smothered out with your strong grass ...
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Lawn seed spreader

Healthy Lawns Get Overseeded Yearly

Yes, people who have a healthy lawn usually overseed on a yearly basis because every little bit counts, and this ...
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weed-b-gon large spray bottle

Weed-B-Gon & Fiesta, the Weed Killers?

Yes, I read the label and it clearly states that it controls weeds. No product sold in Ontario will claim ...
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